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6 important reasons why Local SEO will help your small business

Local SEO is an optimization process that ends up promoting your website based on keywords that are relevant to your business. Wait, but how is this different than the regular Search Engine Optimization? Well, it’s a way of optimizing your content for the geographic location your company operates in.


This kind of optimization is the best marketing strategy for local businesses solely because it largely contributes to bigger conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at an example. You own a small business in Hudson Valley but have no idea how to market your company digitally or position your website better. The first thing that comes to mind would be searching for someone who is a marketing expert specializing in digital marketing. The best solution would be a Google search with the following keywords: “Hudson Valley Social Media Marketing” or “Hudson Valley Digital Marketing”.

Try it. You will see how quickly you will find us. That’s just Hudson Valley SEO for you.

Okay, now that we have figured out what it is, let us discuss why you should use it and who it is for is in order.

6 important reasons why Local SEO will help your small business


6 Reasons Why

We’ve put together a list of 6 important reasons why Local SEO will help your Hudson Valley business get more customers and generate new leads. Let’s dive right into it.

  • Statistics say so

People are using the internet extensively in order to find what they need based on location. Experts would argue that a local business is best marketed through referrals, but the times are a-changing. Seeing as how we don’t have enough time for communication itself, people find it both faster and easier to use the internet to find a useful piece of information. Here are some of the global statistics.

-46% of all Google searches are local

-64% of local customers use the internet as the main source of finding a local service they need

-50% of smartphone searches are related to the name of the company.

-78% of local smartphone searches end with buying a product or service

  • Local SEO does a great job targeting new clients

The main reason for a local search is to find a specific business. The second reason would be searching for a service or product. What does this tell you? The key to better position your website digitally is hidden exactly behind these types of searches that stem from Local Search Engine Optimization.

  • The fastest conversion rates 

Seeing as how all local searches are looking for a solution to a problem or finding information about a specific business, the reason behind extremely high conversion rates becomes really obvious, doesn’t it? We think an example is in order. Say you want to find a restaurant in Hudson Valley that is in your proximity. Okay, the next step would be searching for it with the relevant keywords “Hudson Valley Restaurants Nearby”. You click on a result and let Google Maps take you to where you need to go. What happened there? Your search directly turned you into a customer. To back up this statement, recent research showed that over 40% of all local searches for small businesses end up with conversion within the hour after the search.

  • Using Cellular Data is on the rise

More and more users use their smartphones to quickly find a business or service. Recent research has found that the number of mobile users finally superseded the number of PC users. Local SEO is a great way to take advantage of that.

  • Big ROI

Local SEO, just like well-executed social media campaigns, can bring a huge return on investment. The answer to this is quite simple really – Your business or service is available to your potential clients and customers in the exact moment they need it the most.

  • 88% of internet users trust the recommendations people give out on the internet

Recommendations are the bread and butter in every line of work. This applies to doing business on the internet too. The users search for and read the comments and experiences related to the service or product they are planning to invest in. So the number of reviews you get, their overall quality and the authority of the websites those reviews were left at, are all important factors for local search rankings.

Who is it for?

It’s really a no-brainer, local SEO is for every Hudson Valley business (you see what we did there) that wants to take their digital marketing strategy to the next level.


There you have it, folks. We hope we gave you a little bit of insight into local SEO and the benefits that come from having a clear and defined marketing strategy that will position your website, social media pages, and your business better on the internet.

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