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A Simple Guide to Getting Started with YouTube Advertising

Thinking about advertising on YouTube? Today, YouTube has become one of the biggest platforms for advertisers in the world.

YouTube’s numbers don’t lie. It is the second biggest search engine after Google and the and third most visited site after Google and Facebook. YouTube has almost 2 billion monthly active logged-in users, who collectively watch over 46,000 years of content each year.

If you create a YouTube business account, you will set yourself apart from over 90% of American businesses and potentially reach an almost unimaginable number of people with the help of YouTube ads.

This article will help you create the perfect YouTube ad and reach an entirely different audience.

The 3 Key Types of YouTube Ads and How to Use Them

There are three different types of video ads you can focus on YouTube: TrueView, Pre-roll, and Bumpers.

TrueView ads

TrueView ads are the standard video ad type on YouTube. You only pay for them when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad or if the viewer takes an action or interact with the ad, and the ad can be easily customized to display a variety of content. There are two different types of TrueView ads: video discovery ads and in-stream ads.

Video discovery ads — which show up on the YouTube home screen, search results pages, and as related videos on YouTube video watch pages.

In-stream ads — they play before someone watches the video they’ve selected on YouTube. They sometimes have the option to be skipped after watching it for five seconds.

TrueView video ads can include people, dialogue and music. Yet, since these video ads can be skipped, you need to make sure your audience keeps watching. To get them to not skip, focus on telling a story with the time you have in this video. For example, if you own a dental clinic in Hudson Valley, you could create a video that highlights the benefits of a certain dental service you offer. Offer to help people who are self-conscious about their smile. Highlight the benefits and solve the viewer’s problem.

Pre-roll ads

Pre-roll ads are non-skippable ads that before, during, and after a video that the viewer is watching. They can be 15 to 20 seconds in duration.

Pre-roll ads can include the same elements as TrueView ads, but since they can’t be skipped, it is smart to include a call-to-action (CTA), and grab the viewers attention. Encourage viewers to click on your ad to get something. Offer them a discount coupon for a service you provide. If you are a dentist, this could be teeth whitening, which is something most people would love to do.


Bumpers are the shortest type of YouTube video ads available to advertisers. At just six seconds per bumper, they play before a video the viewer has chosen.

It is hard to tell a compelling story in seconds, but they make a great companion to a larger campaign that advertises a new service or product you offer. Make sure to use the six seconds wisely and include just the info you want your audience to remember. A few services you offer, the name of your business, and contact info should be sufficient.

How to Set Up and Launch Video Ads on YouTube

Once you created the video you want to advertise, it is time to create your video campaign. We have prepared a short 9 step guide that will get your video ad up and running in no time.

Create a Google AdWords guide

First, you need to create a Google AdWords account by going to adwords.google.com. Next, go to adwords.google.com/video to create a new video ad campaign.

After creating a video ad campaign, make sure that your AdWords and YouTube accounts. You can follow the instructions here to link it.

Link AdWords and YouTube

Instructions in this help article will help you link your AdWords and YouTube accounts.

General Settings

When choosing the general settings for your ad, you need to set your desired ad budget per day. We advise you to start small and scale up as you get more familiar with the platform.

Ad Location

This is where you choose the countries, regions, cities, ZIP codes, IP addresses where you want your ad to be displayed. You can be broad or as fspecific as you like.

Upload Your Video

Next, you need to upload the video you want to advertise to your YouTube account.

Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings section, you can choose what days and time of the day you want your ads to show, as well as the start and end date for your ads.

Device Targeting

Here you can choose specific devices you want your ad to target, be it mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablets.

Select Age, Gender, Topics & More

Here is where you choose age, gender, interests, and more for your desired audience. Your results will be better the more specific you are in differencing your audience.

Choosing Keywords

When looking for keywords to target the YouTube searches of your potential consumers, try to be as specific as possible.

Be sure to follow all these steps and your YouTube ad will be up and running in no time. People who advertise on YouTube have a huge opportunity to reach massive audiences, and leveraging its power can be very beneficial for your business, as YouTube has many different types of ads for various purposes.

If all of this sounds a bit too complicated, let our team at H.V. Social Media help you. For 3+ years, we have been helping Hudson Valley businesses leverage the power of YouTube and stand out in the crowded world of digital advertising.

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