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Creating a Content Marketing Strategy That Fits Your Audience

You want a content marketing strategy that grabs your audience. Something that offers them value and keeps them coming back to your website or social media platforms. You want content that engages and converts. Unfortunately, knowing what you need doesn’t exactly tell you how to get there. 

Great content marketing strategy has a few moving parts, but it’s not overly complicated in reality. You need to know your audience. You need to understand where in the market your company is positioned. You need to be able to communicate in a language that resonates. It’s not difficult but it is time consuming and it’s all too tempting to just throw content out there and hope that it grabs attention. That’s not the best use of your time, though. For effective online marketing, you need a content marketing strategy that will help you focus on your target market and keep track of your metrics in a way that inspires continued growth.

Basic Steps to Create an Excellent Content Marketing Strategy for Your Audience

While there are many tactics you can leverage to help boost your rankings, these basic steps should be at the core of your content marketing plan:

•Knowing Your Audience Demographic.
Everyone knows that they need to target their content to their audience but the mistake many make is in not taking enough time to really understand who their audience is. This portion of your strategy should include a good deal of research and it should be ongoing. Your core demographic may change over time and it’s important that you always have a finger on the pulse of your brand.

•Targeting Your Audience.
Targeting your audience is the next step in building great content. If you know who your audience is, you should be able to determine where they tend to go online and what type of content they prefer. Targeting your audience will help you decide which platforms to devote your time to and it can even dictate the types of posts and content you put on your own website. Each demographic has their own preferences in length of posts and types of formatting that can be helpful to know in catching their attention.

•Listening to Your Audience.
One great tactic in building your business is in letting your customer base tell you what they need. This open dialog practice lets you collect information on the types of problems your audience faces that need solutions. If you already know what they’re looking for, you can basically develop services that are tailor made for the audience you have, making the conversion process much simpler.

•Leveraging Contacts.
Part of your content marketing strategy should include inbound links – they’re an important part of raising your page ranking and building trust with consumers. One of the most powerful ways to build inbound links is in partnering with other experts in your field to provide content to their readers.

Building a good content marketing strategy takes time and means a lot of research. Knowing your market isn’t enough. Your strategy should include researching the competition and continually checking your analytics to see which posts and content are gaining the most traction with your audience.

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