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My Life Story

Threw away the handcuffs from the Just Over Broke world when I resigned from Big Pharma, did a quick stint on Wall Street working with the advisory arm of an investment bank as their COO, then advised corporate executives how to execute on real strategic plans. Left all that in my rearview mirror and now do Digital Marketing and Consulting full time.

I have connected the dots over my 30+ year career, realizing that my MBA lifestyle made me unhealthy, unsatisfied, and bored. Digital Entrepreneurship has changed my thinking.

I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs like myself grow their businesses and capture for themselves more of the value that the potential buyers of their business end up harvesting!

What I Do?

I help Business Owners leverage proven, results-driven strategies to generate more leads, add more customers and increase revenues.

How I Do It?

I provide one-on-one consulting, a real marketing plan, and marketing content targeted at helping small and medium sized business owners increase leads and sales using the latest digital media strategies.

Who I Work With?

Small to Medium Sized Business Owners. I’ve helped countless businesses in my career across many different industries achieve real results in generating leads, converting new customers and increasing revenue.

If you think digital media marketing is posting videos and pictures to get likes and comments, then I want to help you. I’ll show you how to convert those likes and comments to leads; ultimately converting those leads into revenue.

How can I help you?

Digital Marketing is suitable for nearly any business. Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp and YouTube Advertising is super cost effective for local, regional, national, and international companies. High quality blog content articles for all type and size companies. SEO platform that generates the biggest impact on rankings, traffic and your bottom line.

Visit HV Social Media for more details.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter.