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Getting your videos on YouTube discovered

If your Hudson Valley dental clinic or any other type of business isn’t making YouTube videos as part of your marketing strategy, you are selling yourself short.

Being the world’s second largest search engine, the primary reason behind why you’ll benefit from making videos is search visibility.

Not only will your audience be able to connect with you faster through relevant Google searches, but they will be able to put a face to your brand, allowing you to show your viewers how your products work and establish an emotional connection with them.

Audience Demographic on YouTube

While the common word is that the platform is over-saturated and people have started to question whether it’s difficult to get in on it, or if it’s even worth it – this can’t be farther from the truth.

With its user base with over 2 billion monthly active users, the amount of people you can make an impact on is inexhaustible.

Furthermore, these people aren’t mindlessly watching, they are actively selecting and subscribing to channels, actively searching for engaging content to watch and comment on.

In fact, YouTube gets in front of more United States users 18-49 years old in an average week than all cable TV channels and networks combined.

To top it all off, the platform’s user base spends more than 250 million hours a day watching videos, which is nearly 40% higher than last year.

Let’s see how you can turn all this information to your advantage and get your videos discovered more often.

Your Content Should Bring People Back to YouTube

The way YouTube’s algorithm works to select videos that will be shown on your homepage is influenced by what the viewer is watching regularly. Suggested videos will also be influenced by on which days you watch certain videos.

How you can use this piece of information to promote your videos and make them more discoverable is by having a clear video posting schedule.

The continuous uploading of videos on a specific day can attract people back to your YouTube channel. If the platform’s algorithm figures out that your videos is why the users are coming back to spend more time on YouTube, it will reward you by showing your videos as suggested content on the users’ homepage.

To track the traffic from people browsing YouTube’s homepage, open YouTube Analytics and click on Traffic Sources.

Your Content Should Encourage People to Watch to the End 

One of the key metrics Google uses to determine the value and the relevance of a videos is by the length of time someone spends actually consuming your content both individually and collectively.

YouTube basically wants to know if people really watch a video, do they just click through it, and are they engaged.

Now this is the time to worry about your audience retention.

The better you analyze how retentive is your audience, the better you will be able to modify your videos in a way to get your viewers to stay and watch the video till the end.

You’ll also have to pay close attention to the demographic of your audience. For example, you won’t modify your videos for a kids’ channel the same way you’ll want to modify the content for people who want to learn how your Hudson Valley dental clinic performs an in-office whitening.

All of that being said, your audience retention should average 50%. To view your retention graphs, open YouTube Analytics and click on Audience Retention.

The Importance of Tiles and Thumbnails 

While the video itself is the core of how well you’ll rank on YouTube, the customer journey starts with a video’s title and thumbnail.

The title and thumbnail are the first things people will see when browsing your channel. They set the expectation of how good your video is, and you should expect people to scroll by your video if it doesn’t deliver on the value promised by the title and thumbnail.

How Long Should YouTube Video Be?

If we’re discussing the sweet spot when it comes to the ideal length of a video, we will have to say there isn’t one. The data is simply too interchangeable to provide helpful guidelines.

But, asking how long your video should be is the wrong question, anyway. The right question is how long and how well can you hold your specific audience’s attention.

A video for a kids’ channel won’t be of same length as a video for someone trying to figure out what cognitive dissonance is, for example.


Getting to know how YouTube works as a platform is the best way to learn how to produce and modify your videos accordingly in order to make your videos more discoverable.

How YouTube users behave, how relevant your content is, how long it is, how well written and designed your title and thumbnail is, all make significant impact in how will your videos rank on YouTube, so having a grasp on all of these things is crucial if you want your videos to get discovered and watched.

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