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How to Repurpose Your Content and Get the Most Out of Your Articles

You probably have a list of the best articles you have written. And it would be a shame to just let those articles in an archive somewhere. Enter content repurposing: a great way to bring your old articles back to life and get additional value from your best work.

One of the main benefits of repurposing old content would be the time you save in the writing process. The article was already written which gives you a head start when creating new content.

Other benefits to repurposing old content include an SEO boost – search engines love multiple pieces of content around the same topic. Your repurposed articles can help you reach new audiences – different people like different types of media.

7 Ways to Repurpose Old Content

Below, we have listed 7 ways to breathe new life into your old content and refresh your marketing efforts.

1 – Refresh and republish old posts

All of us have written great articles in the past that have information and data that simply isn’t true anymore. That shouldn’t stop you from updating or rewriting the article to include new and fresh info. The majority of the content should be salvable and you would need to only change a few details. Make sure to add a note mentioning the origins of the article.

2 – Write a guest post

A guest post is a great way to gain a new audience and your old articles could be great for your outreaching and guest posting efforts. Simply use the old post as a starting point for your guest post: same idea, same general thoughts, but different words and a brand new article. Even though you are won’t post the article to your blog, the traffic on the new blog will ultimately lead the audience back to you and your blog.

3 – Repurpose your articles as social media posts

Since social media users love shorter posts that don’t take up much space, take a few interesting facts from your article and create interesting images for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels. Follow this guide to learn to create great graphic for your social media.

4 – Repost your articles on Quora

Quora, the social answers site makes it super-easy to repost old articles, either as answers to user’s questions or blog posts on Quora’s user blogs. For example, if you are running a dental clinic in Hudson Valley, you could post your article about dental implants as an answer to people who want to know more about that procedure.

5 – Create a presentation

Your best articles for sure have great interesting quotes, meaningful statistics, and great advice which make effective slides. The presentation could be a summed up and easy-to-read recap of your long-form article. Using tools like SlideShare to host your presentation can provide you with an additional engagement opportunity, as these presentations are loved on social media.

6 – Build an infographic

A great next step for your presentations would be an infographic. It should have the same great quotes, statistics, and advice summed up in a visual outline. If you have great data in your article, you could use the infographic to break up your story either for your refreshed articles or guest posts. Applications like PikoChart, Venngage, and Canva help non-designers create great infographics.

7 – Create a Pinterest instructional infographic

Another great way to repurpose your article and reach an entirely new audience would be to create an instructional infographic which you can post on Pinterest, an image-focused social network. For example, you could turn your article about dental health into a fun infographic full of great graphics which can then be re-posted to other social media.

8 – Create an ebook

Expanding your articles into an ebook would be the next logical step in the content creation process. You would be surprised to learn how many ebooks started as blog articles. You could even gather all of your best articles on a similar topic, expand the articles with new research and data and photos. Just make sure that the ebook is additional efforts needed to create it.


Repurposing content can be a huge time saver for content creators and business owners alike. It’s a great way to get an SEO boost, reach new audiences, and so much more. You could even start thinking about repurposing content before you even start writing a brand-new article. This can help you turn a new article into dozens of new pieces of content without much effort (since you are thinking ahead and creating multi-purpose content).

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