For most business owners, the most important goal of their website is to generate more leads and clients.

How can you tell if your website is built to meet that goal?

The following 3 questions will help you clarify the difference.

Is your website talking about factual information about your company? or Is it centered around your target audience?

A quality lead-generation website would focus on solving the pain points of the potential client, instead of focusing on what your company does or your qualifications and story.

One of the main aspects of demonstrating authority is through relevant and helpful content. This might be in the form of blog articles, lead magnets, videos, a podcast, or free report/guide/checklist. Brochure websites lack this important aspect.

Is your website demonstrating you as an authority in the industry?

Another aspect of “authority” as case studies, testimonials, portfolio. They show a track record of the value you provide to the potential customers.

Is your website urging the potential customer to get some value in exchange for their contact information?

The calls-to-action on a brochure website is similar to these examples: “Call Us” or “Contact Us.” They ask the viewer to take a big next step, to reach out to the company directly. A lead generation website paves an easier path and more comfortable calls to action. The customer journey transition will be made smooth by pointing out the pain point of the potential customer and giving them an instant value in exchange for their contact details.

This will help you begin to earn the trust of your prospects and demonstrate your knowledge.

Do you want to analyze whether your website is a marketing website or brochure website?

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