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Mindset Shift – Limited Thoughts vs. Abundant Thoughts

Being abundant in thoughts is facing limited circumstances with an approach of unlimited mindset.

This means when a person faces a constrained situation in a fully flexible and open mind, the open set of thoughts provoke opportunities. As our actions are influenced by our thought and these thoughts are generated by state of mind a person exhibits.

People Scarcity is the limited way of thinking. People with the limited mind set avoid opportunities and sees life as a pedestrian leads life with one or limited experience. He doesn’t likes to explore thing that’s why he lacks flexibility in his personality and thinks that whatever little he knows is enough and he is the only right person without analyzing facts.

Limited thoughts lead to negative reactions towards circumstances and such never count on the opportunities they have missed or experiences they have lacked in their life.

On contrary the person spending his life with abundant thought lives a completely different life full of bloom and happiness. He too encounters the limited circumstances but with the openness of mind he is able to generate positive attitude and the best possible results. They not only enjoy the moments but collect memorable experiences.

Following are some points that elaborate the difference between limited mind set and abundant thoughts.

  • People with abundant thoughts think big while ones with the limited thoughts think small. Scarcity creates limitations which act as hindrance in achieving goals.
  • Abundant thoughts make people believe that they have got plenty of everything that is there for them in this universe and its resources. While limited mind set always find resources incomplete and they keep on complaining about circumstances and blaming the other world for their failure. Whether this failure is in love, wealth or relationships they keep on maintaining non generous nature.
  • Person with abundant mentality is more likely to be happy successful and contented with his life while scarcity generate unhappiness and feeling of being treated with injustices and they are competitive and jealous from other’s success.
  • Fear stops people to accept change. This is what limited mind set means. These people complain along changes while open minded people embrace change. They know that change may bring prosperity and better outcomes even if the situation is difficult or hard to accept.
  • Due to the positive attitude and openness abundant minded persons are proactive in their life approach. They believe in strategy and planning for future circumstances instead of waiting for things to happen and then reacting and responding to the situation.
  • Abundant minded people believe in learning. Their eagerness and crave for knowing more never ends up contrary to limited minded people who believe that they know everything they know it all.
  • Scarcity leads to negative thoughts and emotions, fear, anger and feeling themself as victims and they feel that things are not working for them. While those with abundant way of thinking create opportunities and focus on what is going right. Instead of weeping for closed paths they focus on all possible open ways to get out of a critical situation.
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