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The 4 Pillars To The Good Life: Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness

Here’s a very important question…

What is the meaning of a good life?

Does it mean that a person has an abundance amount of wealth?

Does it mean that a person’s life is full of happiness?

Does it mean they are filled with love?

What is the meaning of a good life?

Let’s figure it out together!

According to research, there are four basic pillars to a good life. These pillars are health, wealth, love and happiness. I am going to describe all these four pillars turn by turn.


What do we mean by health?

Health is a condition of finish physical, mental, and social prosperity and not just the non appearance of ailment or ailment. There are numerous parts of living a healthy lifestyle .Two of these aspects are as under:

Physical health:

Physical health refers to great body wellbeing. That implies, one’s qualities are incompletely in charge of one’s physical well being, additionally different conditions: where you live, how perfect or contaminated your water and the air around you is furthermore how great your social and therapeutic framework is. It is likewise the aftereffect of customary work out, legitimate eating routine and sustenance, and appropriate rest for physical health.

Mental health:

Mental well-being alludes to a man’s enthusiastic and mental prosperity. “A condition of enthusiastic and mental prosperity in which an individual can utilize his or her reasoning and passionate (feeling) capacities, work in the public eye, and meet the standard requests of regular daily existence.”


What do we mean by wealth?

Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions. There are three types of classes according to the wealth:

Upper class:

Upper class envelops the top end of the salary range relative individuals from society in general. Since they have more riches and security, the high society has more individual self-sufficiency than whatever remains of the populace. Privileged qualities incorporate advanced education, and the wealthiest individuals the amassing and upkeep of riches, the support of informal organizations and the influence that goes with such systems.

Middle class:

Middle class includes the people who fall in the middle of the upper and lower class in respect to their money related circumstance. The white collar class puts a more prominent accentuation on salary: not at all like the high society, the working class measures achievement and potential as cash [relative pennies] as opposed to impact and power. The white collar class sees riches as something for crises and it is viewed as all the more a pad.

Lower class:

Those with the least amount of wealth are the poor. Lower class members feel more restrictive in their options due to their lack of wealth.


What do we mean by love?

Love is an assortment of various sentiments, states, and dispositions that extents from interpersonal warmth (“I cherish my mom”) to joy (“I adored that feast”). Love is unadulterated, love is difficult, love is sweet and love is horrendous. Genuine romance is overpowering. Our lives rely on upon it and it regularly appears like our planet would quit turning if cherish didn’t exist. Love is something we make progress toward and something we grieve the loss of. Love is the most essential mainstay of one’s upbeat life.


What do we mean by happiness?

Happiness is a mental or passionate condition of prosperity characterized by positive or lovely feelings going from satisfaction to extreme delight. Glad mental states may likewise reflect judgments by a man about their general prosperity. An assortment of natural, mental, financial, religious and philosophical methodologies have endeavored to characterize satisfaction and recognize its sources. Different research bunches, including positive brain science and satisfaction financial matters are utilizing the logical technique to research addresses about what “joy” is, and how it may be achieved.

After seeing all these four pillars and after studying about these topics, I came to know that these four pillars are must for each other for one’s life being happy. Wealth is wasteful if one has no health or happiness and vice versa.


So today I want you to reflect on your life.

What pillar in your life is booming? What is lacking?
How can you find an equal balance of all to truly live the good life?

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