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The How To’s Of Living a Laptop Lifestyle

It’s no joke…

I truly am living the laptop lifestyle and I LOVE it!

It’s been an incredible journey getting to where I am today. Being able to wake up without an alarm clock, spend as much time with children and wife as I want, and earning an income simply by typing away to you right here…

It’s pretty incredible.

Now, I’m not writing this to brag. I’m writing this to you today because I want you to realize that this is possible for you too! Yes, YOU, the one reading this post today.

Sometimes I wake up and can’t believe I fired my boss. Seriously, I left the corporate world as a COO and now I’ve never been happier. You won’t find me saying that I was broke or homeless, because truthfully I wasn’t even struggling financially. But I was struggling with my time. I wasn’t living the life I knew I should have been.

So lets get right to it!

How did I do it?

By pulling into the system and utilizing the 6-figure blueprint that my mentor shared with me.

One that I’m ready to share to you!

And yes, I did say MENTOR. Who wouldn’t want to work side by side someone who’s already making a living online? Who wouldn’t want to figure out exactly how to do it the first time, instead of testing and failing. I wanted to make it happen, and make it happen fast…

So I did just that.

Now it’s your turn!

Here are a few steps that I want you to follow to start off on your own journey:

  • Determine your why. Why are you wanting to create this new lifestyle for yourself?
  • Determine your when. When are you going to make it happen by?
  • Determine your what. What are you going to have to do to accomplish this goal?
  • Determine your where. What platform are you going to utilize?
  • Determine your how. Thats where I come in… let me help you get there!

Like I said, a MENTOR is extremely important. And for me, now that I’ve been able to create the success that I have. I want to continue to pay it forward and create a millennial mindset shift.

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