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The job market in the future

Job market in future is examined by the research that shows the growth in some business sectors and industries and decline in others.

  • What are the set of skills that are critically required in the market in future?
  • What would be the scope of fields that would earn more profitability and recognition in future?
  • What kind of opportunities are knocking your doors to successful career in future?

As far as the job requirement is concerned there is a lot of skill gap between what is required in market and what employers are generated in flow.

Skilled jobs like electricians and plumbers. These jobs have high demand due to lack of skilled labor. This happened because the focus on university education is enhanced now a days as compared to trading or other technical programs.

Engineering job opportunities i-e jobs like electrical or mechanical or civil engineering. The qualified engineers are in a short supply but the demands are high.

Sales representatives – In the sales and marketing profession there is a lot of experience required nowadays there is shortage of people who are experienced in sales ones who can efficiently and effectively participate  to increase the revenue growth of an organization.

Technicians – building the new technology scope and the enhancing trends are challenge for various companies to beat each other in competition and to survive in market by discovering new it techniques and using them to emerge as best. For this they do require people from technical fields.

Accounting staff – In the department of accounting there is an all-time requirement of competent staff globally.

Software developers:

As we know that computer is the basic tool used in almost every field. Every kind of job is incomplete without computerization off all the data required. For future there is a lot of scope on the field of software development so demand is high in this field.

Social media developer:

It is also one of the trendiest and progressive way to develop a social media active group specialists in this field are required for every kind of company

Mobile phone application developers also in score to develop various apps like android apps for which there is a competition race in market.

Research and marketing are the fields in which marketing specialist acquiring the skills in mathematical and analytical fields.

Training and development:

Different companies hire experienced people who provide training to employees in order to fill the skill gap that was required for specific job.

Occupational Therapist:

Companies may hire experts that mentor the developing techniques that may lead to rapid growth in career and success

General Managers:

Now a day’s management skills and leadership qualities are very much required in almost every field of life general managers are required for almost all companies

In the next 5 to six years there will be a huge change in economy and biggest change throughout the life time…

And we are already seeing the shift.

How many people are utilizing the internet for their business?

If they are utilizing it for advertising purposes through social media, online ecommerce stores, blogs, online education…

The list can go on and on. And this is just the beginning. All of those job sectors I’ve listed above, how are they going to change? How can they utilize the internet to step into a higher power? How can they make use of the technology to enhance their skills?


It’s all in the works!


Are you ready?


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